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Making an Alias Bank Account For Your Amazon Seller Account!

Making an Alias Bank Account For Your Amazon Seller Account

Amazon requires that every seller to have a valid bank account on file so Amazon can transfer the sellers payments to their bank account on a regular basis.

All funds resulting from the sales of merchandise or services that were paid for through the use of Marketplace Payments by Amazon can only be deposited into a seller's bank account. For sales on, Marketplace Payments can be credited only to checking accounts in the United States (in US Dollars), or to bank accounts in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Austria in the local currency (British Pounds for UK, Euros for France, Germany and Austria).

Once used, a bank account can never be reused on another active seller account otherwise Amazon will detect the old bank account and close the new seller account. Unfortunately, bank accounts are a limited resource so it is critical to make sure to use a new bank account only after you are 100% sure your Alias account is active and out of the review period.

For more information on what bank accounts are the best to use & what Alias information is needed to successfully register a bank account I recommend that you purchase Amazon Alias which will give you the entire process step by step in an easy to understand manner.

Amazon's most effective way of identifying previously banned sellers is by monitoring what new sellers list on their account. Amazon understands that banned sellers need to get back on Amazon as quickly as possible to begin moving their old merchandise and making money. Amazon uses this to their advantage by blocking new seller accounts that list similar items to previously blocked seller accounts. Even listing a few of your previous items on your new seller account will likely get you immediately blocked by Amazon.

The best way to understand the selling limits Amazon places on new sellers is from Amazon themselves: What is "sales velocity"?

As a means of protecting customer accounts, we limit the number and dollar amount of a seller's transactions during any given month. Sales velocity, also known as "velocity limits" or "selling limits," is applied to all seller accounts and is set at the time they register.




Go to for more information.

All sellers begin with the same limit. This limit is imposed on a 28-day "rolling cycle," where only transactions within the past 28 days are included in a seller's current velocity. If you reach your selling limit, your account is reviewed by our Seller Evaluation Team.

You do not need to contact Amazon to have your selling limit increased. This happens automatically as part of our proactive review process.

About the Author

This insiders guide is written by Amazon seller experts who have literally created 100's of active seller accounts and sold tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise every month on Amazon. With exclusive and never before revealed tips on how to successfully create and maintain high producing Alias seller accounts on Amazon.

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